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Last Updated - 1/23/2004
  Welcome to my new home on the web.  I am proud to present to you my herd of outstanding Nubians.  A special thanks go to Jonathon Dill for his hard work in making this a reality.

    My foundation stock represents some of the finest herds in the country, including Fra-Jac, Kastdemur, Amberwood, Nestucca, Oakledge and Hallcienda bloodlines.  These lines have given me a nice dairy animal with excellent conformation and very productive mammary systems.  It has been my goal to breed for the entire animal, one who can show AND put it in the milk pail.

    Kids are raised on a CAE prevention program, being fed heat treated colostrom and pasteurized milk.  They are treated for coccidiosis beginning at 30 days of age.  All kids receive B complex, probios and selenium E gel at birth.  

    The health of my herd is of primary importance. All animals receive a 14% sweet feed, topdressed with BOSS and Fastrack.  Milkers and babies receive Calf Manna in their feed.  All animals are fed home raised quality prairie hay and have access to free choice dairy mineral, baking soda and salt.  They are vaccinated with Covexin 8 and Once PMH.

    Prices range from $150 for doelings out of first fresheners to $300 for kids out of proven does.  I do give special consideration to 4-H and FFA members. I reserve the right to retain kids for herd replacements, so please make 2 or 3 choices in case the kid is the wrong sex, already spoken for or does not meet my standards.  Please reserve bucklings ahead of time as I do not keep buck kids past 2 weeks of age. Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve, basis.  I do not require a deposit but please make your choices early to ensure availability.  I expect full payment when you pick up your kid.

    I will ship kids out of Kansas City International Airport, if requested.  The buyer is responsible for supplying the shipping crate as well as all charges incurred.  Health certificates are required and are $15 each.  Several kids can be shipped on the same certificate.  I do charge gas money as Kansas City is 150 miles from me.

    Thank you for looking.  Please come back often as I will regularly update this site.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Meredith Fewins
Moran, Kansas